Braille Translations Services

We offer the following Braille Translation services to both companies and individuals, worldwide:

  • Print into Braille or Large Print
  • E-mail/floppy Disk (.doc format) into Braille or Large Print
  • E-Braille
  • Business / ID Cards translated into Braille or Large Print
  • Translation into Moon from Print / E-mail
  • Transcription onto (2- or 4- track) audio tape
  • Transcription onto (daisy or MP3 format) audio CD
  • Greeting cards, in Braille or Talking Format
  • Website accessability design / modifications and editing
  • British sign language interpreters
  • In-house recording and equipment

In the case of Print to Braille translation, we can offer rapid turnaround periods of 24 or 48 hours on most projects. We can also arrange for Audio transcription by a specialist firm, if this is needed. Please note that a 24-hour turnaround is subject to our receiving documents for translation by e-mail in .doc format and that the return address is on mainland UK.

In all cases, work is proof-read before dispatch. We also provide services in the following areas:

Bespoke Braille and Tactile signage

for your premises in areas such as office doors, fire escapes, stairs and toilets.

Premises Accessibility Report for Disabled users

This fully accredited report is provided in conjunction with an in-depth consultation.

Website Accessibility Consultation Service

This consultation offers informed feedback on a website’s accessibility for both blind and visually impaired people.

Staff Training in Disability Awareness

Further details regarding this training are available upon request.

Who would benefit from these services?

Any blind or visually impaired individual who requires Braille, audio or Large Print material at short notice.

Local Councils or charities wishing to make their published material or buildings more accessible to the blind and visually impaired people.

Schools, Colleges and any blind or visually impaired students who need course notes translated rapidly.

Restaurants wishing to maximize their profits and avoid falling foul of the Equality Act (2010) and the Business and Disability Discrimination Act (2005).

Churches, either requiring a Premises Accessibility Report or wishing to offer their hymns or Orders of Service sheets in Braille.

Companies seeking to increase their profits by improving their website or premises accessibilities or through direct marketing of their products/services to specific listings of the blind and visually impaired.

Regular contracts are welcome.