Fast-Growing Industries Ripe for Entrepreneurs in 2016

If you set up a business in an industry with a positive trend, your business is more likely to stand out from your competitors. Thinking to start a new business? Look no further. Here are top five industries where aspiring entrepreneurs can get in early as these industries have sustainable momentum.

Construction Industries: As financing for construction industry becomes highly available, residential growth is poised to take off this year. By 2016, over half of construction will be environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. Nowadays, Green residential projects are highly in demand. New high-rise residential, commercial and mixed-use developments are expected to be the top sectors for green building development.

Corporate Healthcare: Nowadays, companies are bringing yoga classes in-house or gym memberships to ensure fitness for their employees. The corporate healthcare industry is expected to grow by 10% through 2016. Companies focus on providing health education, nutrition and fitness services to their employees to improve their well-being.

Braille Translation Services: As there are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide, translation services are highly in demand for advertising, social media and a lot more. More than 12 million people in the UK have a visual impairment of some kind. So, Braille translation services are increasingly in demand for the blind and partially sighted. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Braille translation industry will grow by 42% in 2020 as compared to 2010.

Education Industry: Modern learning system is replacing traditional ideas. Nowadays, the online education system is highly popular in the education industry. It brings up many opportunities for individuals who are passionate about learning to develop software and technologies. Digital education industry is expected to grow 20.3% annually at the end of 2017. It is advisable to think about real-time personalization of lesson plans, gamification in learning and development and accurate monitoring of student progress.

Digital Security Industry: It’s no secret that more and more businesses store their information digitally. There are businesses that specialize in getting back the information from devices and networks, investigating criminal and civil matters, data theft, fraud, tracking down cyber criminals through their digital fingerprints. Digital security industry grows by 14% every year. Digital forensic services acquire and preserve data from all devices across your network.

Mobile SaaS: The business market for Mobile SaaS for smartphones and tablets is expected to reach $19.7 billion at the end of 2017. There are many opportunities for capitalizing software services for mobile applications. It’s no secret that mobile SaaS is taking off among small and medium businesses. Now, smaller companies are also using tablets and mobile devices to make their businesses more efficient. The need for flexibility and reliability is driving SaaS adoption to support mobile enterprise strategies. Clients can store their data where they want i.e. in a cloud or on premises using mobile SaaS services.

We are already noticing certain trends for 2016 that claim growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. Above mentioned industries are the sectors that entrepreneurs can’t afford to overlook.