Braille Translations Clients’

We have played a major part in many bespoke projects for many organisations. Following are a very small number:

clients_hoc House of Commons
Primary Braille Supplier
clients_odeon Odeon Cinema
Wimbledon Weekly Film Guide in Braille and Weekly Audio Description update
clients_beyond Beyond Green (Part of Olympic Delivery Authority)
Transcribed a Power Point Presentation of Text, Graphs and Charts in Braille
clients_cruises City Cruises PLC
Menus in Braille and Large Print.
clients_dca Department of Constitutional Affairs
Annual Report in Braille
clients_kkd Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Braille Menu
clients_fortis Fortis Insurance
Transcribed Policy Document in Braille and Audio CD
clients_princes Princes Trust
Booklets in braille and audio formats.
clients_action Action for blind people
2007 anual report in braille and large print.
clients_enfield Enfield council
Information pack in braille one of their blind client. Also, did their annual report on audio tape.
clients_lda London Development Agency
Disability Equality Scheme in braille. Braille labels for their business cards. New building’s doors labels in braille.
clients_hilton Hilton hotel
Did their menus in braille and large print.
clients_scope Scope
Program guide and minutes in braille.
clients_gosport Gosport Borrough council
Documentation in braille.
clients_businesslink Businesslink
We are one of their disability specialists.
clients_nhs NHS Trust
Primery supplier for their special disability services