Braille Music Notator – To Help Blind Musicians Or Music Lovers?

Looking for excellent information on Braille music and technology? Then, this blog will help you learn about Braille music notator.

It’s no secret that the Braille code for music is an Internationally-agreed standard. Braille music is a form of dotted Braille code to represent the pitch and rhythm of each note. This music was invented by Louis Braille. It encourages blind students to participate enthusiastically in music class activities, learn piano, band, choral parts, study music theory etc.

What is Braille Music Notator?

Braille Music Notator is an online music tool for generating Braille music scores. There are many tools to translate traditional notation into Braille music notation but they are inefficient and inaccurate. With Braille Music Notator, it is easy to create and edit a music score in Braille music notation. Music scores are created especially for Braille readers. These music scores are elegant and promote sight-reading and accuracy. The major objective of Braille Music Notator is to generate high-quality scores for musicians who focus on Braille for learning music. Braille Music Notator is fully compatible with screen reading software i.e. VoiceOver JAWS on Windows and make it accessible to blind and visually impaired users. Braille Music Notator helps sighted people to learn Braille music notation and offer a way for visually impaired music lovers.

History of Braille Music Notation

When the House of the Blind was established in the twentieth century, the teachers linked letters of the Braille alphabet with letters of the Greek alphabet to teach to the blind students. The blind students also learned the Braille music notation utilized in Western Europe. Even though this Braille music notation allowed them to record music written in staff notation into Braille, they had no option of recording music written in Byzantine notation. Two people i.e. Demetrios Chrysafidis and Father Dositheos noticed this issue.

With the advancement in technology, several computer options are introduced that can be used by blind musicians and music lovers. Big thanks to latest technology! It translates print music into Braille and utilize screen reading technology so blind users can easily compose and edit music notation.

Blind musicians and music lovers can create print and Braille scores and produce sound recordings using Braille music notator.

Well, Braille music is neither easier nor hard to learn. Visually impaired music lovers and musicians can gain a number of advantages by learning Braille music like sighted musicians do by learning printed music. Visually impaired musicians can learn read Braille music using Braille music notator and other music tools.