About Braille translations

Since early in 2000, Braille Translations has been at the forefront of our market -place, providing an outstanding service and second to none after-sales support.

Braille Translations pride themselves on bringing something different and exciting to businesses throughout the world.

Creating job opportunities for the partially-sighted and blind people and those with disabilities
To help the blind and partially-sighted in any way that will help them in the workplace.
A small number of our clients include the House of Commons, Odeon Cinemas and the Prince’s Trust, to name but a few. Braille Translations is uniquely positioned to educate businesses on the route forward to comply with and exceed the requirements of EA and DDA.

Some of our work includes translating company business cards, restaurant menus and even information guides into Braille, being part of a programme enabling you to comply with legislation and to be actively more people inclusive.

For a full list of Braille Translations’ services, please visit our services page of this web site.

Our owner, Ghow Ratnarajah is registered bind and routinely uses Braille, and so he personally proof-reads all work done before it is dispatched to the client. This additional and unique inspection service provides 100% rigorous quality control for the benefit of all our clients.

Above all, Braille Translations aims to inspire people to follow their dreams and, regardless of whatever obstacles one must overcome in life, to press forward with determination and a huge smile.